Lifesavers lottery tote

We occasionally call on homes in and around the Black Country
and Kidderminster areas promoting our Walking football and Foot-Golf.
We also invite everyone to join our weekly Lifesavers tote.

If you've recently had a knock at the door from from one of our volunteers, they should have been friendly and polite, and if asked, they will have shown you some form of identification.

Our strict door to door policies;
We are passionate about what we do, but we never put pressure on people to join.
Our door to door procedure is very gentle and goes a little like this;

1. Our initial aim is to find new walking football players (over 50).

2. We then invite everyone to join our weekly lottery tote. 1 per week by bank standing order or a monthly doorstep collection - in selected areas only.

3. We understand that some people may not want to commit themselves to a regular monthly outgoing, so we ask if they would like to have a 'one month only' ticket.
(4 for 4 weekly draws).

4. If it's a "no thanks" to these questions, it's no problem. We never put pressure on.

If you joined our tote, you will have been given a lottery tote number. Please keep this safe. You will also have been given the current lottery update showing the next four draw dates, which if you paid 4, you will be entered into.
You will have been invited to pay for the first month (4). This is a 1 per week entry into the next four draws, which are shown on the update leaflet that was handed to you.

Following our initial visit, you will see your local collector in approximately four weeks for the next collection of 4, and every four weeks thereafter until you cancel. You are welcome to cancel at any time.

We attempt to make thirteen 4 collections each year - 13 x 4 = 52 weeks.
(52 Saturday draws per year)
Once you have joined you are not obliged to pay for every draw.
Each 1 payment made enters your number into one draw.
If no payment is made, your number will enter no draws.
Members are welcome to pay for as many future draws as they wish, but they cannot pay for previous draws, unless the collector has 'put them in' (this only happens if the member and the collector have previously agreed to this procedure)

One Month Only
If you have supported us for 'one month only', you will enter the next four draw dates, shown on the update leaflet given to you. After these dates your membership expires. You are not added to a collectors list. Thank you for your one off support. We hope to see us again in the future.

If you would like to cancel please call Dave on 01384 341673 and we will terminate your membership immediately.
If you are in credit with your payments at the time of cancellation, we will be happy to refund this amount to you.

We are are low prize draw, you are not able to win large amounts of money in the Lifesavers Lottery.
The first prize, if won, is only 100 and there are three runner up prizes of 10 each.

We promote responsible gambling. Each person, over the age of 16, is entitled to a maximum of one entry in the weekly draw per week.

The Lifesavers Lottery is a small society lottery, registered with Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council under the Gambling Act 2005.
Registration No.1879.

We are also registered under the data protection Act for your security and protection.
Registration No. Z7261330

We never share members' personal details with anyone.

The lottery is run by volunteers. It is NOT a profit making charity, business or commercial venture. All lottery profits are shared between our current chosen good causes.
Please see our charity page for more information.


How does the tote work?

Entry to each draw is 1 per week, (4 collected every four at your door, or via standing order if you prefer).

We collect in advance of the draws and give you a lottery update sheet each month. The leaflet clearly shows the draw dates we are collecting for, plus the winning tote numbers from the previous collection.

Our collectors each have identification cards on their person. When you make your payment it is recorded on the collection sheet carried by the collector.

All of our collectors are friendly, reliable and long serving friends or volunteers.

If you would prefer to pay direct through your bank you are welcome to set up a standing order. There is usually a bank mandate on the back of the update leaflets.

Draws take place each Saturday and all winners are notified automatically. There is no need to claim.

You can not win much in our lottery.
As previously mentioned, it is impossible to win large sums of money in our lottery. We are a low prize draw.

Only members who pay their subscription can win. Only payers are players. If a number drawn is that of a non payer there is no win for that draw or for that member and the number is recorded on the prize list. The first prize each week is 100 and there are three runners' up prizes of 10 each. There are no rollovers. If a winning number belongs to a member who did not pay, or a number which is no longer in use, there is no win for that number.

We are a small society lottery, and the amount of money raised from each draw varies from week to week, depending on how many supporters have taken part. If we do not have enough paying members to cover the prize fund and running costs the profits can be negative.
Any, and all, profits made by the lottery are shared between our chosen good causes.
Lifesavers is a registered lottery, it is not a profit making charity, business or commercial venture. Everyone involved in running the lottery are either volunteers or an expenses paid collectors.

The lottery is 1 per week and we have a small number of collectors who collect from members every four weeks in and around the Black Country and Kidderminster areas.

It is impossible to run a lottery without incurring some unavoidable costs along the way. These include operational costs such as printing, stationery, computing costs, postage and telephone. We are also obliged to cover the expenses of our collectors if they choose to accept it (fuel etc) and most of them receive a small commission for their efforts. By supporting us via a bank standing order, you would help us reduce these costs to zero.

Registered Small Society Lottery since the Millennium Year 2000
Registered under the Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976 and the Gambling Act 2005
Lottery registration No. 1879

Registered for your privacy & security under the Data Protection Act No. Z7261330

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