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Lifesavers Walking Football & Foot-Golf
We are always looking for new players & teams.
(over 50 only)
Raising much needed funds and awareness for the Alzheimer's Society and Dementia.

The Lifesavers weekly Tote.
1 per week.
Covering the Black Country
& Kidderminster areas only.

All profits raised go towards helping buy wheelchairs for local diabled children through the Newlife Foundation.

Newlife Foundation

Please click 'Like' on their Facebook page and see how you can further support them.


Rise & Shine drama group.
Providence Church, Cradley.
children's singing & drama group who give up their time to spread joy to folks in nursing homes and hospitals.
They rehearse every week at the Providence church, Cradley and regularly perform in local nursing homes, hospitals and Mary Stevens Hospice, spreading happiness and raising awareness and funds for the Dementia Gateways and the Alzheimer's Society.
Rise & Shine were winners of the Dudley Youth Awards 2016... Well done kids.

Our walking football society & Foot-Golf is constantly developing. It is currently for the over 50's only, however we aim to eventually include all age groups in separate events.
ach year we choose two local good causes, who are generally overlooked, and we help raise funds and awareness for them in lots of fun ways, including charity football matches, golf events,Foot-Golf tournaments and memory walks.
We are always looking for volunteers to join in, but if you don't have the time or energy to get involved, our
Lifesavers lottery tote is a great way for you to still support us. (1 per week)

We rely on volunteers who give up their time to help those less fortunate, and If you think you can help please call Dave for information on 01384 341673

This year, and next, we will be busy supporting the NEWLIFE foundation for disabled children, and the Alzheimer's UK & Dementia Gateways.

NEWLIFE Foundation for disabled children.
Every Newlife penny goes to supporting disabled children.

The Newlife Foundation provides essential equipment, such as wheelchairs and pain relieving beds, for disabled children in our area. Money raised via our weekly lottery tote will be put towards this very worthwhile cause. Thank you.


LIFESAVERS LOTTERY TOTE - anyone can be a Lifesaver
Registered society lottery.
If you do not have the time to be a volunteer, or the energy to play walking football, you may still become a regular Lifesaver by joining our lottery tote.
With just 1 a week, you will be helping to buy electric wheelchairs for local disabled children.


Walking football and Foot-Golf is a win win situation for anyone over 50. The idea is to encourage our senior citizens, male or female, to physically take part in regular games of non-contact walking football and / or regular brisk rounds of Foot-Golf.
As well as having lots of fun, the regular personal contact and exercise may help prevent the onset of things like Dementia, depression and Diabetes, and at the same time help raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer's and Dementia. We also reach out and help other local good causes through our fund raising activities and our weekly Lifesavers Lottery Tote.

For more information please call Dave on 01384 341 673.


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